The Flying Pig

Distance: 42.44 Moving Time: 03:07:49 Elevation Gain: 850ft Bike: Giant TCR

Ears to the sky and flapping in the wind, it’s clear from the map that I’m approaching mastery in the art of etch-a-sketch with my bicycle.

Overall was a fun ride, exploring new roads that I’ve never touched prior to this ride. A few moments existed to zoom out the map at a stop sign and decide which direction to head next, which is possibly the best part of a ride like this – not knowing what lies ahead or what is to be discovered next. While this ride landed me on a stretch of road that was freshely graveled in preparation for the next layer of smooth surface the come, I still pedaled forward. I can’t wait until this road is paved, it will certainly be a new frequently traveled segment.

Speaking of segments… I took two passes at the Ringer Road Climb. This little climb is one I stumbled upon not too long ago that is a fun hill that pushes, but isn’t too tall to make you give up. This climb comes in at 33ft at a 7% grade, lasting for .08 (Yes, that’s eight one-hundredths of a mile). It’s funny how my best attempt on this challenge lasted for 21 seconds, only 10 seconds behind the leader, but I’m still ranked at 142!